repo of web scraping using selenium beautifulsoup4 and chrome driver
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These notbooks were used to scrape the web, merge databases, clean data and analyze/visualize regression analysis

  1. open the Jupyter notebook: scrape_web_obesity

this will scrape locations of the YMCA per state by having selenium enter the zipcodes (opened from a pickle file) for a state The only thing you need to set is :

  • change the path where your pickle file of zipcodes is located
  • enter the state initials
  1. Next, open the Jupyter notebook merge_data_obesity

Here, you will open 3 data frame (pickled files), clean and merge them into one big data frame for analysis

  • change the path where your pickle files are located
  1. Finally, open the last jupyter notebook analyze_data_obesity

Here, you will open the big data frame that was created and saved in the merge_data_obesity notebook. Then you will visualize the data and create a regression model using the following techniques:

  • linear regression
  • Lasso regularization
  • cross validation
  • only need to change the path where your pickle file is located and run