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Honey is money, for everybody.


  1. conviction-voting-app conviction-voting-app Public

    Aragon app used to collectively allocate funds from a shared treasury 💧

    JavaScript 91 37

  2. dynamic-issuance-app dynamic-issuance-app Public

    The Dynamic Issuance is an Aragon App that implements a Dynamic Supply Policy that can burn and issue tokens automatically 🍯

    JavaScript 4 2

  3. gardens gardens Public

    Gardens are digital economies that anyone can help shape 🌻

    TypeScript 26 16

  4. celeste-dashboard celeste-dashboard Public

    Forked from aragon/protocol-dashboard

    1Hive's BrightID enabled dispute resolution protocol 🌞

    JavaScript 7 8

  5. honeyswap-interface honeyswap-interface Public

    An open source UI for Honeyswap 🍯

    TypeScript 24 47

  6. quests quests Public

    Decentralized escrow based on Gnosis chain

    CSS 8 7


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