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Let's start

First you need to install Etherlime:

    npm install -g etherlime

Now a tidy structured project must have been shaped. Next step is to build a local ganache.

    etherlime ganache

Deploy the smart contract. In a new console tab run:

    etherlime deploy

The contract has been compiled within the deployment. But if you need to do it separately just run etherlime compile.

When your deployment is finished successfully copy the address of the contract that is shown as a Result in the report table and assign its value to the contractAddress parameter in config.json file. Now we are ready to run the dApp.

    cd web
    ng serve --open

Metamask connection

Get Metamask extension to your browser or if you already have just log in. To use local ganache's accounts you need to import them (or a few of them) by copying their private keys. Then connect Metamask to the private network - Localhost 8545. And go on.

Run tests

dApp includes tests. To test the smart contract run etherlime test.

Used public resources

This project is based on etherlime angular boilerplate.


Incentivized, decentralized livestream p2p network







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