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A web based Windows 98 desktop remake.



  • Drop files onto the desktop, and they'll be stored in a virtual filesystem
  • Easter eggs (cheat codes) 😉
  • A clock that shows the actual time, wooooo
  • Currently, an extremely illegitimate start menu
  • Meticulous detail in many areas (altho there's obviously lots "missing")
  • You can add it to your homescreen on mobile

Try it out

ENTER  WINDOWS 98 体験へようこそ


Not yet licensed. This project is currently source-available / shared source, but not open source.

Related Projects

Apps that it would be nice to integrate:

Other online operating systems / web desktops:

Name & Link Vague Description Repo & License Chat another Windows 98 remake repo here - MIT license
 Windows 93 a "fictional version of Windows" (not open source currently) Discord
🏡 ZineOS emojis everywhere repo here - MIT license Discord
 EmuOS emulator-focused Win9X desktop repo here - shared source Discord
 OS.js a more serious web desktop repo here - simplified BSD license Gitter
 Friend another serious one repo here - different licenses for different parts
 CloudDesk another serious one (explicitly not open source)
 AaronOS interesting aesthetic repo here - shared source Discord
 Web Desktop Windows 10 like "startpage"
 System Windows 10 like thing
 WinXP Windows XP repo here - MIT license
Windows 98 - Packard Belle Windows 98 repo here - shared source
X-WebDesktop-Vue Windows 7 repo here - MIT license
 vue win3.1 Windows 3.1 repo here - shared source
 VirtualDesktop Screenshot flows, several OSes
GUIdebook Screenshots, several OSes

Plus some other ones on Wikipedia







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