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  • Add more libraries to CREDITS.txt, and possibly include (or at least mention) licenses

  • Properly link to the repo from within the app, not just with a URL in a virtual text file

  • Start Menu

    • Aria attributes

    • "Legitimate content"

  • File save and open dialogs

  • Integrate js-solitaire

  • Integrate Paint better

    • Windows that pop out; will need to display graphics via data URIs or canvases, and rely only on inline styles (or <style scoped>?) and the shared styles

      • Could maybe use <base> for <img>s, but all styles (that aren't shared) would have to be inline, and I think it would be better just to try to make everything canvases
  • Integrate Pipes screensaver

  • Integrate Blue Screen of Death similar to

    • Press ~ or something to bluescreen

    • Prankily wait for next user input before fullscreening and bluescreening

  • Try integrating arbitrary applications by emulating Windows 98 on the webpage with v86, with an X server installed in the VM, and acting as an X client externally?? And integrating a virtual filesystem?? That would be undoubtedly cool, but idk how hard it might be, and especially what data channels are available between the VM and the host. Partially inspired by OS.js.

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