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MIDI Recorder

The simplest way to record MIDI.

  • Records right away, no install or setup required. Automatically connects to new MIDI devices.
  • Visualizes notes, pitch bends, and instrument changes, as you play.
  • Recovers recordings in case the browser crashes, or you close the tab by accident, or refresh the page, or there's a power outage.

If you've got a MIDI keyboard, plug it in and try out the app!

Built with SimpleMidiInput.js and MidiFile.js, and written in CoffeeScript.


MIT-licensed. See

Development Setup

  • Install Git and Node.js if you don't already have them installed.
  • Clone the repository.
  • Open a terminal in the project directory.
  • Run npm i to install dependencies.
  • Run npm start to start a live server and automatically recompile coffeescript on changes.


See the issue tracker, and TODO comments in the source code.