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Map your mind without ugly boxes.

This is that good of a mind mapping application (yet).

Minmap is a magical multiplayer minimal mind mapping app. Less distracting UI means a stronger focus on content.


  • FIXME: tabbing to a node or typing or creating a node at the edge of the screen scrolls in the default broken way
  • FIXME: flinging the view and then starting a drag, waiting for the view to move, and then dragging resets the view and looks bad; maybe velocity should be canceled when starting a drag
  • FIXME: In MS IE and MS Edge the cursor gets left behind when dragging
  • Structure
    • Traversing up/down, left/right
    • Collapsing/expanding
    • Adding/removing
  • Formatting
    • Links (pasting plain, creating from existing text, editing existing links...)
    • Maybe not underline: underline is for links
    • Images (drag and drop to either "upload" or upload)
  • Prevent XSS
  • Use something better than contenteditable
  • Undo/redo buttons?
  • Subtle blobby highlight around nodes
  • Connections
    • Add text
    • Change color
  • Handle being logged out or being on a document without an owner_uid
  • Unobtrusive savedness notification
  • User presence
    • Cursors and selections
    • Pointers to where someone is in the document
  • GUI to manage documents
  • Look for new images added, listen for onload and reposition immediately
  • Store history and allow rolling back changes
  • Chrome app
  • Themes
  • Materialize
  • Better font(s)?
  • Mobile support
  • Optimize app load time
  • Rename repo
  • Maybe add a mindmap minimap to Minmap
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