A hub for all your programming projects, and GUI for npm & package.json (not in development) - hey look a new thing!! https://webdash.xyz/ (solving the same sort of problem, and it looks nice!) ... ooh and another thing! https://github.com/720kb/ndm
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Project Nexus

A hub for all your programming projects.

npm i project-nexus -g

Project Nexus

It has dark styles too. Yes, it's cross platform.

You declare all your scripts in your package.json, in a machine-readable format, but all you directly gain from this usually amounts to not having to remember many commands to start all your projects. You just type npm start, npm run prepublish, etc. – short and sweet commands – but it doesn't have to stop there!

Project Nexus gives you a visual interface for launching all your projects.

If a project has a package.json file, it'll give you a button to npm start/stop the project. It opens a terminal to show process output. The npm launcher also has a context menu, where you can run specific scripts.

If there's an index.html, it'll give you a button to open it. It'll start a live-server for development.

If there's a manifest.json, it'll give you a button to launch a chrome app. Clicking it again will restart the app.

I'm very open to extending it with different launchers, and I plan on extracting the existing launchers into npm packages.

There's also a button on Node.js processes to open up a debugger. Previously this was so complicated that I've never used it before. Now it's a button.

Built with nw.js


It'll live reload with nw-dev