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Charity Ledger Explorer - Backend API
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Charity Ledger Explorer - Backend API

Nodejs API for Charity Ledger Explorer Client

Charity Blockchain Association

Charity Blockchain Association is an association of honest charitable foundations that use blockchain technology for accounting purposes. The unifying principle is that all members of the association adhere to maximum transparency of their operations.

Get started

Install dependencies:

npm install

Setup environment

  1. Copy server/data/db.sqlite3.empty to server/data/db.sqlite3
  2. Copy server/config.json.example to server/config.json and edit variables
  3. Copy server/.env.dist to server/.env and edit variables

Migrations and seeds

Install sequelize-cli:

npm install -g sequelize-cli

Install all migrations:

sequelize db:migrate

Type sequelize help for more commands or visit

Load data

You can load test data from local seeds or from blockchain

To load from seeds

sequelize db:seed:all

To load from blockachain:

  • Check PROVIDER_HOST variable in server/.env

  • Install and run Ethereum client, for example, geth:

geth --rinkeby --syncmode=fast --rpc --rpcaddr= --rpcport=8545 --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal,web3" --rpccorsdomain="*"

See geth command line options for details

Wait until Ethereum network synchronize data

  • Run commands
node server/console.js programs:update -f 2
node server/console.js projects:update -f 2
node server/console.js targets:update -f 2
node server/console.js costs:update -f 2
node server/console.js donators:update
node server/console.js donations:update -f 2 --min-date=2017-12-01
node server/console.js expenses:update -f 2 --min-date=2017-12-31

Visualize data

  • Create client directory and
  • Clone and setup to that client repository
  • Run web-server
node .
  • Open in browser link http://localhost:3000
  • Enter one of test email,, to see loaded donations
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