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The 1PPM Challenge

"One Project per Month" is a challenge for developers, makers and creatives. It's about accelerated learning, avoiding over engineering and getting things done. Find out more about the 1PPM in "The 1PPM-Challenge"

Get Started!

Here is an article on how to come up with project ideas: "12 Months / 12 Side Projects - Are you in?". Note that 1PPM projects can be anything, as long as it has a result, you learned something and it is a one month project. So it could be an article, an online course certificate, a github project etc. Contributions to open source projects are especially welcome!

To get started:

  1. Create a GitHub account if needed
  2. Fork this repository ("Fork" Button in the top right corner)
  3. Start a new section in with your name/nickname as title, a twitter handle if present and add a description of your projects. Add a link to GitHub repository, Website, Blog etc if present. You can simpy use the GitHub editor to edit in your browser:

brower edit
3. Make a pull request to merge your changes back 4. Join 1ppm on Slack - <script async defer src=""></script>, Subject "Slack Access".

Too complicated? Please be patient with us. The newly formed 1PPM development team is already working intensively to improve registration and project management. Contact, Subject "News", so we get back to you when the new version is released.

For any questions or feedback, contact You can also follow @1ppmclub on twitter. Each day, a few projects will become "project of the day" (#POD), watch out for them!

We are excited to hear from your projects!

PS.: Looking for collaborators, want to discuss ideas or improve 1PPM - feel free to use the issue tracker! Interested in the 1PPM site development process? Join "sitedev" on Slack!


21.01.2017 - Hallo of Fame

An interactive view for the Hall of Fame is now available at!

For any feedback, contact or post to #sitedev in Slack.

The view is freely available as AngularJS + Yeoman + Grunt project at

An interactive website is under development. First features should be available in February.

Regards, Gerhard

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Release one side project per month, log your results here!






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