Unreal Engine Blueprint & C++ VR interaction functions (pre-configured VR Pawn & Grab/Push/Pull, Move, Teleport, Gestures recording & recognition component) for your VR projects. Get up & running quickly with your VR experience or game with this comprehensive plugin for UE4
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Unreal Engine VR Plugin v3.0.5

Demo Project + Plugin Repository

Unreal Engine Virtual Reality Pawn and Components plugin for common VR mechanics. Can be used for either Blueprint or C++ VR projects. All nodes (Blueprint) and Functions (C++) have a range of parameters for full flexibility and compatible with the VIVE Motion Controllers/Room-Scale VR projects.

Also available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace

Supports both SteamVR/Vive & the Oculus Rift


For a plugin only repo (without demo project) CLICK HERE

For a UE 4.19 compatible project CLICK HERE

For a UE 4.18 compatible project CLICK HERE

If you need an empty starter project: https://github.com/1runeberg/RunebergVR_TESTMAP

Latest Release Notes (UE 4.20)


  • Add Nav mesh checking ability to 360 movement (6 DOF) mechanic


  • Fix Oculus Teleport custom height offset not being applied (Teleporter)
  • Set default pawn spawn collision to ignore any colliding assets within the level (VRPawn)


  • IWYU Compliance


  • Gaze category fix, change default rift height offsets, minor refactor

  • Minor bug fixes & refactor (Gaze component)
  • Max Step Rate for Uneven Terrain by MrBigToe (VR Pawn)


  • New Teleport Fade In & Out Options (Teleport)
  • New Configurable beam/arc boundary object types (Teleport)
  • New Option to have target mesh indicator to face player camera (Gaze)
  • New Configurable grabbable object types - not auto attached (Grabber)
  • New Radial trace grab, allows main Grabber component to act like the SimpleGrabber component (Grabber)
  • New Base content - hand, beam, whiteboxing shaders (Plugin)
  • Fixed HMD location offset issue (Teleport)
  • Fixed issue with Front Gaze Variable struct members not properly accessible in Blueprint (Gaze)
  • Fixed compiler warnings (Plugin)


  • Bugfix Teleport HMD Type check causes crashes when no HMD device is available


  • Allow Grabber origin to respect Relative Rotation and Location defined in the Components Tab (Grabber)
  • Added Acceleration to Gravity's influence (VRPawn)
  • Added StepUp Rate in Uneven Terrain Pawn Z/Height adjustments (VRPawn)


  • Removed remnants of SteamVR specific references in code base


  • Enable VR Pawn to react/move properly through uneven terrain (VRPawn)
  • Dedicated node for 360 movement with thumbstick/thumbpad of Motion controllers (Movement component)
  • Various fixes and polish for Gaze, Movement and VR Pawn


  • Migrated to UE4.17


  • Automatically set HMD Tracking Origin (VRPawn)
  • Added gravity (VRPawn)
  • Customizable target mesh (Beta, Gaze Component)
  • Full 360 Yaw Movement Freedom for use with thumbstick input (Beta, Movement Component)
  • Fix for Oculus height offset issue (VRPawn)


  • Added Gaze interaction mechanic (new)
  • Added function to check if HMD is currently worn (in VRPawn)
  • Automatically set camera FOV to 110 to suit current released hardware, overridable (in VRPawn)

What you get:

  • Pre-configured VR Pawn
  • Gestures Component (Record & Recognize custom VR Gestures)
  • Movement Component (free axis, locked axis, dash/timed motion, bounce from VR bounds & optional use of Nav Mesh bounds)
  • Teleport (Arc, Ray, Blink)
  • Grabber (precision, lock, scan only, grab sky/sun with cycle day and night)
  • Gaze interaction
  • Scalable meshes
  • Climb






1. Setting up a new VR project & enabling VR in existing projects


2. Movement / VR Locomotion Component Deep Dive


3. Teleport Component Deep Dive


4. Grabber Component Deep Dive


5. VR Gestures Component Deep Dive


6. RunebergVR Plugin v2 - Gaze Component Deep Dive


7. RunebergVR Plugin v2 - Pawn Gravity, Uneven Terrain, Thumbstick 360 Movement


Support Channels:

a. UE4 Forums: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?109058-VR-Ready-C-Blueprintable-Pawn-with-common-VR-functions-Also-good-as-a-SteamVR-project-template

b. GitHub: https://github.com/1runeberg/RunebergVRPlugin/issues

c. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/4yx3q1/ue4_vr_components_plugin_easily_call_common_vr/

Completely free for personal and commercial use under the [MIT] (https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT) License

... more tutorials to follow!

Credits (for assets in the demo project)

Most assets made by: Ty Hegner

Surfboard model: Zaurian868 https://free3d.com/3d-model/surfboard-31485.html

Sword: lucasfalcao http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/70259

Voice: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/voice-generator.html

Other Third Party:

  1. SFX by Freesound.org
  2. UE4 Starter & Sample Content
  3. UE4 Demoes:Kite, Elemental
  4. UE4 Particle Effects Project
  5. UE Landscape Project
  6. Sonniss.com GDC Bundle + Bulk SFX Samples for Fruity Loops
  7. Earth Satellite pic from NASA

To the best of my knowledge, all art & sound assets used in this project are provided either royalty-free or are in the public domain - contact me for any questions.