A completey open sourced and customizable game engine created in Java.
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S-Engine (Java Framework)

  • A completey open sourced and customizable game engine created in Java.

How it works

  • The game is launched via the Game.java class where it then opens up a window based on the options and also creates a new Game instance.

  • Once the instance is launched it will create...

    • The texture instance which loads all sprites and textures in.
    • The handler instance which will cycle through every gameObject and call the render and tick methods.
    • The camera instance which will allow the 'camera' to move around in the game.
    • The application instance which controls the loading of gameObjects, levels, and backgrounds.
    • The keyListener which will listen for keys and report them to any gameObjects.
  • Game variables can be accessed any time by doing, Game.variable

    • TIME - The time in seconds since the launch of the game.
    • DELTA - The delta time
    • WIDTH and HEIGHT - The width and height of the window
    • application - The application instance.
  • GameObject

    • All objects must be GameObjects.
    • GameObject inherits from the Base.java class which contains variables that the engine will use such as, RaycastHit, Collision, Vector2, etc.
  • There is a demo game already created, take a look and play with it and figure out how it works :>