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django-limit-users is an installable Django application to quickly limit the number of user registrations at any time, especially useful during beta periods when you want to test with a limited number of users.

dlu, rather than take the blocking approach to limiting registrations, actually allows users to continue creating new accounts, but when the maximum limit has been reached, any new accounts are automatically disabled.

Management scripts, which allow you to open registrations up in batches and enabling existing registrations (that were registered after the limit was reached, and so are disabled), are included.


From source using

cd dlu
python install # perhaps ^sudo if you're not in a virtualenv

From pypi:

easy_install django-limit-users
# or using the virtualenv friendly pip
pip install django-limit-users


Add limitusers to the INSTALLED_APPS tuple in your file, and run syncdb (using or equivalent, depending on your Django setup).

You'll also want to add the following config values to

  • MAX_USER_REGISTRATIONS (required): maximum number of registrations to enable.
  • CLEANUP_DISABLED_USER_MODELS (optional): whether or not to delete orphaned instances of limitusers.models.DisabledUser. Default: False.
  • LIMIT_USERS_IGNORE_ADMIN (optional): if True, ignore admin users in counts. Default: True.
  • DISABLE_USER_REGISTRATION_LIMIT (optional): if True, registrations will not be limited and everything works is as if django-limit-users isn't installed. Default: False.


If for example you have your MAX_USER_REGISTRATIONS value set to 1000, and you've reached 1000 users, in fact you've got 1215 users (215 of which are disabled), after a period of testing you might increase that to 2000.

To enable the next batch of available users (like an invite system) you can run:

python enableusers -e

(If your Django deployment doesn't use the script just replace python above with your management path, e.g. bin/django for buildout).

The enableusers command, with the -e, will enable the 215 disabled users, and print out their email addresses, so that you can send out a "Welcome" email of some sort to inform these new lucky beta testers that their accounts are active.

You can also use the -i option to export a list of IDs, and the option -c will display lists of emails and IDs as a comma-seperated list, making sendin bulk emails out a bit easier (or using the IDs in model queries).

A similar comand, enableuser, is provided if you need to specifically enable a particular user.

Some template tags are also provided in limitusers.templatetags.limitusers for handy functionality in templates, such as switching based on available registrations, or displaying counts of registrations/enabled users etc.