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py-serverdensity 1.x

About py-serverdensity

py-serverdensity is a lightweight object orientated Python library for the Server Density API.

The library provides access to all the GET and POST methods in the SD API, takes care of authentication, allows you to post values as items in a dict, returns native Python objects from the service response, and raises exceptions for service errors.


The library can be installed from PyPi using easy_install or pip:

easy_install py-serverdensity
# or
pip install py-serverdensity

Or cloned from Github using git:

git clone git://
cd py-serverdensity
python install


Once installed just import the class SDApi from the serverdensity.api module, instance the handler with your Server Density API account details, and then you can access methods on each section as attributes of the API handler:

from serverdensity.api import SDApi, SDServiceError

api = SDApi(
    api.devices.getByHostname({'hostName': ''})
except SDServiceError, e:
    print 'Error:', e
    print 'Response:', e.response
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