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Arduino AllInOne

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Arduino + W5100 - All in One Gateway

Arduino + IR + RF + BT + DHT


Note: Gateways can be used separately. Follow this Link for a quick overview about all Modules and possible Combinations.


  • Arduino UNO (tested with only one gateway at a time), Mega (tested), Duelmilanove Atmega328(tested)
  • W5100 shield (tested) or other ethernet module
Module Purpose Where to Buy
DHT11 Temperature and Humidity parts list
DHT22 Temperature and Humidity parts list
HM 10 Keyes bluetooth module Bluetooth parts list
SRX882 433Mhz Receiver parts list
STX882 433Mhz Transmitter parts list
  • or alternative the XD RF 5V & FS1000A
  • IR Gateway: an infrared diode for emitting
  • IR Gateway: a transistor 2N2222
  • IR Gateway: a 330 ohms resistor (connecting to Pin 9)
  • IR Gateway: a 220 ohms resistor (limit current to LED)
  • IR Gateway: an infrared receiver


  • Arduino IDE 1.8.1 or higher with board manager Arduino AVR boards 1.6.17 or higher
  • An MQTT broker (like mosquitto)

For the libraries take the version linked into Libraries folder

Hardware setup

Module Pin Arduino RX Pin Arduino TX Pin
IR Receive Module D2 -
IR Send Module - D9
RF (433Mhz) Receive Module D3 -
RF (433Mhz) Send Module - D4
Bluetooth Module D6 D5
DHT Module D8 -

Define the pins you want to use for your gateways into each 'config_XX.h`. Example so as to define the pin of your RF receiver and transmitter if you don't use the ones per defaults go to config_RF.h

Vcc pin of the emitters, HM-10 and the receivers to a 5V supply source Ground pins of the emitters and the receivers to the ground of the supply source.

The schema below present the wiring for an Arduino Uno, nevertheless it is strongless advised to go for an Arduino Mega if you want to use more than one gateway.

The IR setup can work with bc547 and a 4x3 LED-Matrix.

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