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Arduino RF Send and Receive

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Arduino + W5100 - RF Send and Receive


Note: Gateways can be used separately. Follow this Link for a quick overview about all Modules and possible Combinations.


  • Arduino UNO (tested), Mega (tested), Duelmilanove Atmega328(tested)
  • W5100 shield (tested) or other ethernet module

Tested Modules for the RF Addon:

Module Purpose Where to Buy
XD RF 5V 433Mhz Receiver parts list
FS1000A 433Mhz Transmitter parts list
  • or better alternative superheterodyne STX882 & SRX882


  • Arduino IDE 1.8.1 or higher with board manager Arduino AVR boards 1.6.17 or higher
  • An MQTT broker (like mosquitto)

For the libraries take the version linked into Lib folder

If you want to use this gateway uncomment in user_config

#define ZgatewayRF

If you want to use KAKU protocol uncomment also #define ZgatewayRF2

If you want to use the protocols supported by Pilight library comment also #define ZgatewayRF2 #define ZgatewayRF and uncomment #define ZgatewayPiLight

For your first tests comment the others Zgateway.

Hardware setup:

Module Pin Arduino RX Pin Arduino TX Pin
RF (433Mhz) Receive Module data pin D3 -
RF (433Mhz) Send Module data pin - D4

For NodeMCU pins are D4 (GPIO2) for receive and RX (GPIO3) for send.

Vcc pin of the Arduino, the RF Emitter and RF Receiver to a 5V supply source Ground pins of the Arduino, the RF Receiver and RF Receiver to the ground of the supply source.


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