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ESP8266 IR Send and Receive

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ESP8266 - IR Send and Receive


Note: Gateways can be used separately. Follow this Link for a quick overview about all Modules and possible Combinations.


  • ESP8266, NodeMCU V1 (tested), NodeMCU V3(tested) or Wemos D1 mini (tested)
  • IR Gateway: an infrared diode for emitting
  • IR Gateway: a transistor 2N2222
  • IR Gateway: a 330 ohms resistor (connecting to D0)
  • IR Gateway: a 220 ohms resistor (limit current to LED)
  • IR Gateway: an infrared receiver

Hardware setup

Module Pin NodeMCU / ESP8266 RX Pin NodeMCU / ESP8266 TX Pin
IR Receive Module D4 -
IR Send Module - D0

Vcc pin of the ESP8266, the IR Emitter and IR Receiver to a 5V supply source Ground pins of the ESP8266, the Transistor and IR Receiver to the ground of the supply source.


The IR setup can work with bc547 and a 4x3 LED-Matrix.


For the libraries take the version linked into Lib folder

If you want to use this gateway uncomment in user_config

#define ZgatewayIR

For your first tests comment the others Zgateway and config files.

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