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GSM GPRS 2G gateway

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ESP8266 - GSM/GPRS SMS Send and Receive


Note: Gateways can be used separately. Follow this Link for a quick overview about all Modules and possible Combinations.

Tested Modules for the 2G Gateway:

Module Purpose Where to Buy
A6 GSM GPRS module -
A7 GSM GPRS module with GPS parts list

Hardware setup:

Module Pin NodeMCU / ESP8266 Pin
VCC5 MOSFET driven by D5

For VCC5 you can power it directly all the time with an USB cable or use a MOSFET like here

Don't use the nodemcu/wemos 5V pin for the A6/7 power, use a dedicated power supply for both or dedicated to the A6/7 with at least 2 amps ability.

So as to start your A6/7 module press the red button for 4 seconds, or link the PWR_KEY pin to VCC5.0 for the same time.


Software setup:

For the libraries take the version of A6lib linked into Lib folder

If you want to use this gateway uncomment in user_config

#define Zgateway2G

For your first tests comment the others Zgateway.

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