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How to upload ESP32 binary

Florian edited this page Aug 18, 2019 · 2 revisions
  • Download the flash tool utility from espressif:

  • Uncompress the package

  • Execute flash_download_tools

  • Choose ESP32 DownloadTool

  • Download the OpenMQTTGateway binaries if not done

  • Uncompress the package

  • Set the files and the adress as below: And set the parameters used by arduino IDE, we are able to upload to ESP32 a binary file containing OpenMQTTGateway.

  • Set the config as above

  • Connect your ESP32 board and select the COM port

  • Click on start The upload details appears in the rear shell windows, you can see also the progress bar changing

  • Once done the flash tool display "FINISH" like below

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