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Sonoff RFB

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SONOFF RF BRIDGE - RF Send and Receive


  • A sonoff RF Bridge
  • An FTDI adapter

Available in parts list

Hardware setup:

If you prefer video instructions you can follow the tutorial of DrZzs

  • Open the Sonoff RF Bridge by inserting a knife between the top plate and the box. Depending on which version of the bridge you have, you may have to remove the small rubber pads on the button which are hiding case screws.
  • Solder if needed 4 pins to the plate at the ESP8285 location
  • Connect an FTDI adapter (RX to TX and TX to RX, gnd to gnd, 3,3v to 3,3v) to the sonoff rf bridge

If you have the new model take a look here the pins are circled in red

  • Press the reset button on the side of the Sonoff RF Bridge meanwhile connect the ftdi to your PC usb port
  • The green left led should be ON
  • Release after 5 seconds the reset button
  • Put the little switch inside the esp to OFF (this will free the serial port for the firmware upload)

Software setup:

Uncomment in user_config

#define ZgatewaySRFB

#include "config_SRFB.h"

All the others gateway/config/sensors must be commented

Set the following parameters:

Your Arduino IDE must have the following parameters, be carefull the board is a "Generic ESP8285 Module" (OTA port will appear after the first load with FTDI and an IDE restart):

Click on upload

Once uploaded switch the button to ON on the ESP.

Here is the ouput you should see (I pressed and RF remote to show you the output) from the serial monitor at BAUDS 19200 and the MQTT broker with a subscribing to mosquitto_sub -t +/# -v

Once the program is uploaded, restart your IDE and you should see the SONOFF RF BRIDGE appearing by OTA:

If you want to add Infrared to SONOFF RF Bridge you can follow this tutorial:

Here is the schematics:

The user guide of RF Bridge with OpenMQTTGateway is available here.

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