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User guide ADC 09

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Any type of sensor with an analogue output can be used. Note that the Esp8266 only has one analogue input, A0. On NodeMCU this is D3 GPIO0. Example usage: Connect an IR-transistor between 3V3 and A0, then a resistor (470k) between A0 and Gnd. The gateway will then send a value that depends on the light level in the room.

If you want to use this sensor uncomment in user_config

#define ZsensorADC

#include "config_ADC.h"

To change the Mqtt-topic change home/ADCtoMQTT in config_ADC.h:

#define ADC "home/ADCtoMQTT"

The value is between 0 and 1024 and is tranmitted via Mqtt when it changes.

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