network mapping engine - catalogue, project management and more
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Spatialguru Scripts

  • - convert linestrings into nodes and edges CSV lists. Sample output from natural earth admin boundary lines included. Nodes output has x,y,z data and an ID. Edges has ID, node_to and node_from that point to node ID.

    Usage: python ne_boundary.gml nodes.csv edges.csv

  • - blast apart those nasty polygons and linestrings into their atomic (point) pieces!
    The script outputs a CSV file with x,y,z structure for each node in all the input features. Option takes 3rd dimension from a named field in the input file.

Usage: python input.shp output.csv [zfield name]


network mapping engine - catalogue, project management and more

At this stage the nme/cat/ is the only other script in this repository. It's used to recursively catalogue a tree/folder/directory and find all the GDAL/OGR readable datasets, layers, and bands in each folder. The results are written out to XML.


For more information follow and connect with me on or see more on my blog I also publish books on related subjects at (aspiring writers welcome).