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and others added some commits Jul 7, 2013
@1u public folder and readme 48179ff
@1u about page added 27a963c
Stephan Balmer remove backup file 801ed5f
Stephan Balmer Simplify subscriber_status 29e68c5
Stephan Balmer Ignore meteorite dir 22bd1c3
@1u FAQ prop added, ABOUT with funny credits extension, scroling Testvers…
…ion Disclaimer, Background removed
@1u FAQ prop added, ABOUT with funny credits extension, scroling Testvers…
…ion Disclaimer, Background removed
@1u Merge branch 'master' of aaead7e
Stephan Balmer Merge branch 'master' of 4e11935
Stephan Balmer Simple implementation of a course search 69d60ce
Stephan Balmer Merge branch 'livesearch' 1085ba4
@1u site construstion 8c37b14
Stephan Balmer Turn synthetic course properties into template helpers bc9edd2
Stephan Balmer New test data 30419f8
Stephan Balmer Try to restore functionality and to instill sanity
Fails on both accounts.
Stephan Balmer Remove debug code 9746e9a
Stephan Balmer Confirm before deleting course 409d7ec
Stephan Balmer Generate random date for test data 258884e
Stephan Balmer Cleanse and repent course display 80d1f6c
Stephan Balmer Allow choosing multiple categories when editing course
Don't select existing, Coming Soon (tm)
Stephan Balmer Put course editing for in a separate template 363bd3c
@1u TestData for CourseCollection in Server script 0aed9e2
@1u Merge branch 'master' of 073fffd
@1u comment form removed doe to redundance (discussion form) b39031e
Stephan Balmer fix username and formatting af5fd6b
@1u native login function changed, adapted own profile template b813fd0
Stephan Balmer Use native date format for comment date
We'll have to set the date on the server eventually, to prevent abuse
Stephan Balmer Make testing URL more stable by using content-hash for course id d40049f
Stephan Balmer Merge branch 'master' of 4235921
@1u tags aded in serverScriptData, Categories simplified, rm TestsiteGif 4c91a4d
@1u merged 49850bb
Stephan Balmer Add one more language to example
neden olması
Stephan Balmer Improve distribution of generated random values to look more human 04f2d0d
Stephan Balmer Add role selection to course edit
Saving doesn't work yet!
@1u email and regions first steps 673019e
@1u email verification done 7fe0f09
@1u regions in testDB e08093b
@1u merged a0ed409
nohackeratall CSS: header_bar, ticker to top, style changes, still buggy, fix tomorrow b93e02b
nohackeratall CSS: header_bar, ticker to top, style changes, still buggy, fix tomor…
…row, MERGED
@1u minParticipants set in testdata to 75% as undefined 5ab68dd
@1u Merge branch 'master' of 1280c33
Stephan Balmer Add log helper for handlebars 179ce9a
@1u fixed native login button 18ba8bc
@1u isNotNull 556afc1
@1u Merge branch 'master' of bad8d84
@1u grAy grEy 2efd49e
@1u Participants View adappted in courselist 5cec311
Stephan Balmer Use user ids in example subscriptions dd20e28
Stephan Balmer Remove helper that loads categories because it conflicts with the fie…
…ld in course
Stephan Balmer Merge branch 'master' of ff6e941
@1u testData examplecourses extracted in new file on server with global v…
@1u making Order - New files for Routing 4ea0df6
@1u geflickt teilweise 7326683
Stephan Balmer Remove duplicate template 174faa5
nohackeratall login beni weg; sign in alt in header bar, min-width=954px 0690aba
nohackeratall login beni weg; login alt in headerbar; min-width=954px 5b9a4b1
Stephan Balmer Prototype of the role subscribe/unsubscribe functiononality b4ff37d
Stephan Balmer Ignore roles the course doesn't have 1d7e597
Stephan Balmer Merge branch 'master' of 1d474f0
nohackeratall Haupttitel in schuel-blau 8c721ff
@1u region selection and filter - works, yeah! 0ae2848
Stephan Balmer Remove old subscription code 44983e8
Stephan Balmer Merge branch 'master' of 44905aa
@1u Merge branch 'master' of c86a384
@lazymazy lazymazy layoutchanges courselists, css and html, fixed slash bug 392d449
@lazymazy lazymazy Merge branch 'master' of a19d7f4
Stephan Balmer fix the course list status helpers
some actually work now!
Stephan Balmer Extend examples 80caf8c
@1u layout of search, propose to create course if zero results 3b73b44
Stephan Balmer Fiddle test data 2bf5fe3
Stephan Balmer Modify roles to include a team 9aa80ab
Stephan Balmer Improve course status-bar and search results 224b79b
Stephan Balmer Saving role selection now wörgs d05e234
Stephan Balmer Simulate combining kiddies, it works! c90da45
Stephan Balmer Allow creating new courses in course edit 785255a
@1u added category data to server bf173ce
@1u Merge branch 'master' of 01c3c02
@1u categories shown hierarcically in course-edit and -creation a151fdf
@1u categorie overview: start to differ style dep. on courses 01c92fc
Stephan Balmer Fix example data 024d424
Stephan Balmer Add information whether participation counts or usernames should be s…
Stephan Balmer Improve subscription layout 580807e
Stephan Balmer Remove obsolete functions c2f8cd3
Stephan Balmer Remove rigid page widths
Think of the children
@1u regions selector dded all regions and style 3fa8a6a
@1u Merge branch 'master' of 308e184
@1u on course creation saves now date, creator and region aswell df3f631
@1u readme updated 4355699
nohackeratall Home: >neueR kurs vorschlagen< wird >neuen kurs vorschlagen<; grammat…
…ikalisch korrekt.
@Yomadorr Yomadorr test df4684a
@1u Dev-Doku Blog in iframe and package spiderable added f3b48a4
@Yomadorr Yomadorr loading anzeigen, beim kurse laden 6b9bfe5
@Yomadorr Yomadorr pushlish zeugs debugged eb803d5
@1u Merge branch 'master' of c2827cf
@1u fixed bug on serverbublications (for loading-indicator) // about-ifra…
…me incl. style
@1u renamed and moved files in courses-folder ada0314
@1u search-querry is streamed realtime to course-proposal-titel 287dcca
@1u spinner.gif is local now 950786d
@1u luzern added 58ba9a5
@1u subsribe to users - bigfix abe3461
@1u first security: publish username only 86cf19c
@1u bugfix: voting works again (with new roles db) 1579f22
@1u show names in votings-list 63f6020
@1u c.edit: special tags added and translated eb9d4ad
@1u bugfix: sign-in-alert when user not logged-in and tries to create a c…
@Yomadorr Yomadorr toggle categories in editcourse-view 01a4ae0
@1u translation and cleanup of votes 8e6b691
@1u "last edit time" is now beeing saved and used for first sort order 9a7f66d
@1u bugfix: edit-title is only search-querry when course not present 8ede09a
@1u serverscript adds "last edit" field aswell ed9fec6
@1u making order in files 8b4f2d5
@Yomadorr Yomadorr toggle categories debugged 1163e03
@Yomadorr Yomadorr show course-categories, without parents of subcategories 68ff7ae
@1u menue and stuff eb0e42b
@1u Manual merged branch 'master' of
with conflicts:
@1u updated to Meteor 0.6.5 and removed 2 of 3 new packages make it runin…
…g again
@1u locations/rooms one step further 1c3db0e
@1u updated readme 3e164cc
@1u 1u was assigned Aug 25, 2013
@1u 1u merged commit 8d7e30b into 1u:master Aug 25, 2013
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