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Getting started

The OneupFlysystemBundle was developed and tested for Symfony2 version 2.2+.


Perform the following steps to install and use the basic functionality of the OneupFlysystemBundle:

  • Download OneupFlysystemBundle using Composer
  • Enable the bundle
  • Configure your filesystems

Step 1: Download the bundle

Download the bundle via composer:

$> php composer.phar require oneup/flysystem-bundle

Composer will now fetch and install this bundle in the vendor directory vendor/oneup

Note: There are some additional dependencies you will need to install for some of the features:

  • The AwsS3v3 adapter requires "league/flysystem-aws-s3-v3"
  • The AwsS3v2 adapter requires "league/flysystem-aws-s3-v2"
  • The Azure adapter requires "league/flysystem-azure"
  • The Dropbox adapter requires "spatie/flysystem-dropbox"
  • The Fallback adapter requires "litipk/flysystem-fallback-adapter"
  • The Google Cloud Storage adapter requires "superbalist/flysystem-google-storage"
  • The GridFS adapter requires "league/flysystem-gridfs"
  • The Memory adapter requires "league/flysystem-memory"
  • The Rackspace adapter requires "league/flysystem-rackspace"
  • The Sftp adapter requires "league/flysystem-sftp"
  • The WebDav adapter requires "league/flysystem-webdav"
  • The ZipAdapter adapter requires "league/flysystem-ziparchive"
  • The adapter caching support requires "league/flysystem-cached-adapter"
  • The eventable filesystem support requires "league/flysystem-eventable-filesystem"
  • The Replica adapter requires "league/flysystem-replicate-adapter"
  • The StreamWrapper support requires "twistor/flysystem-stream-wrapper"
  • The Gaufrette adapter requires "jenko/flysystem-gaufrette"

Step 2: Enable the bundle

Enable the bundle in the kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Oneup\FlysystemBundle\OneupFlysystemBundle(),

Step3: Configure your filesystems

In order to create a filesystem, you first need to create an adapter. An easy example is to define a local adapter and afterwards create a filesystem based on it.

# app/config/config.yml
                directory: "%kernel.root_dir%/cache"

            adapter: my_adapter

            # optional - defines the default visibility of the filesystem: `public` or `private`(default)
            visibility: private

There are a bunch of adapters for you to use:

Step 4: Next steps

After installing and setting up the basic functionality of this bundle you can move on and integrate some more advanced features.

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