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OneupUploaderBundle Events

For a list of general Events, you can always have a look at the UploadEvents.php file in the root of this bundle.

  • oneup_uploader.pre_upload Will be fired after validation but before naming and moving the uploaded file.
  • oneup_uploader.post_upload Will be dispatched after a file has been uploaded and moved.
  • oneup_uploader.post_persist The same as oneup_uploader.post_upload but will only be dispatched if no Orphanage is used.

In case you are using chunked uploads on your frontend, you can listen to:

  • oneup_uploader.post_chunk_upload Will be dispatched after a chunk has been uploaded. The Event itself has a property isLast which shows if this is the last chunk for the uploaded file.

Moreover this bundles also dispatches some special kind of generic events you can listen to.

  • oneup_uploader.pre_upload.{mapping}
  • oneup_uploader.post_upload.{mapping}
  • oneup_uploader.post_persist.{mapping}
  • oneup_uploader.post_chunk_upload.{mapping}

The {mapping} part is the key of your configured mapping. The examples in this documentation always uses the mapping key gallery. So the dispatched event would be called Using these generic events can save you some time and coding lines, as you don't have to check for the correct type in the EventListener.

See the custom logic section of this documentation for specific examples on how to use these Events.