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No config hot reloading for sketching bl.ocks quickly.



> npm install -g hot-server

Serve directory statically:

> hot-server

Save changes to *.js or *.css and they'll be injected via a websocket without a full refresh.

Since your whole script file reruns, you'll probably want to clean up anything it adds to the page with something like var svg ='#graph').html('').append('svg'). Stopping any timers and clearing any listeners that don't reset is also a good idea:

if (window.timer) timer.stop()
window.timer = d3.timer(function(t){
  // cool animation code

To persist data between refreshes, declare and initialize your data in a separate file from the rest of your code. Only the changed file will rerun.

Default port is 3000; > hot-server --port=4444 sets the port.

Is this the right tool for me?

If you're building an actual webapp, probably not! This is a very naive approach to hot reloading that will not work with more complicated code. Webpack might be a better option:

Or a even a different language:

But! If you're mostly working on short, simple pieces and dislike yak shaving config files this might be a good fit. It is as simple to use as python -m SimpleHTTPServer with the added benefit of seemly magically updating pages without a refresh.

The code is also relatively simple - just 60 lines of code for the server and 25 for the client - and you might be able to re-purpose it. I incorporated a modified version into a somewhat slow make/requirejs/grunt build system at work and reduced the time it took to see the result of changing my code from ~6 seconds to 0.