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@2008Choco 2008Choco released this Apr 30, 2019


With DragonEggDrop being broken in later versions of Minecraft due to unexpected internal server changes, I had decided to opt out of updating the plugin for that version and await a 1.14 release. The day is here and DragonEggDrop 1.7.0 supports the latest version of Minecraft with no further changes. I apologize for the small release, but my passion to continue this project has dwindled. Nevertheless, I will continue to make updates as versions of Minecraft are released.

With the release of this update, the legacy branch is no longer supported! If you are running Minecraft 1.9.x - 1.12.x, the DragonEggDrop legacy branch will remain idle and no bug fixes will be provided. Please consider updating your server

This version will work on Bukkit/Spigot (etc.) 1.14.0 ONLY.


  • Update to Minecraft 1.14
  • Drop support for Minecraft 1.13.0
  • Fix an IllegalStateException when running /dragoneggdrop due to the updater not being initialized
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