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@2008Choco 2008Choco released this Aug 3, 2020 · 59 commits to master since this release


As I am writing this release, I am away for personal, mental-health reasons. Nevertheless, I have spent some time addressing issues from the previous release and improved a few existing features. There is already progress being made on a future major release with notable and important changes and improvements, though for the time being, please enjoy this minor release with a few extra features!


  • Clicking one of the templates in chat from /dragontemplates will now suggest a /dragonrespawn start command for that template (if the player has permission to do so)
  • Added a dragoneggdrop.overridecrystals permission node. Players with this permission will be able to respawn the ender dragon using end crystals regardless of whether it's been disabled in the configuration file.
    • This permission node is NOT given by default, even to players with operator status. It MUST be explicitly set with a permission plugin
  • Re-add the %dragon% placeholder for loot tables as a means of more specific context
    • It is advised that you update your loot tables to use this placeholder instead of %dragoneggdrop_slain_dragon% where possible
    • Default loot tables have been updated to use it instead of the PAPI placeholder
  • Loot tables may now define "damage" and enchantment levels as objects to set a min and max value (much like "amount")
    • The example loot table has been updated accordingly
  • Improve performance of particle animations after the dragon has been killed
  • Improve the comments in the default config.yml. They are now more descriptive of the available default options
  • Fix item loot generation preferring lower (minimum) amounts more than upper (maximum) amounts
  • Fix /dragontemplate <template> generateloot using placeholders for previous dragons (use %dragon% instead)
  • Fix dragoneggdrop.commands.* not being properly defined
  • Fix dragoneggdrop.command.reload not being recognized by permission plugins
  • Fix development versions of DragonEggDrop not being clearly labeled (most won't notice this change - you will be using a release. This is mostly for testing purposes)
  • Fix NullPointerException when generating a loot table that can generate air
  • Fix @Photon-GitHub not being listed as a contributor to DragonEggDrop (Sorry!)
  • Other miscellaneous internal changes and relocations
    • API: PortalCrystal has been moved from com.ninjaguild.dragoneggdrop.api to
    • API: A DEDConstants class was added containing useful String constants for permission nodes, configuration paths and template configuration paths
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