UVic SEng466 Quad Copter
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garretto Update remote to control copter throttle with a potentiometer and add…
…ed an auto-descend functionality for when the copter flies out of radio range.
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This repository contains source code used to control a Quadcopter designed by Anderson Li and Garrett Owen.

More details available at http://robots.dacloughb.com/project-3/


Aero_PS2_Controller - Contains a python script used to take inputs from a Logitech Dual Action game pad controller and send commands to the Aero_Remote.

Aero_Quad_X - Contains a modified version of AeroQuad version 3 available from http://www.aeroquad.com/

Aero_Remote - Contains an Arduino program to read gamepad controller inputs over Serial from a computer and send them to the Aero_Quad_X wirelessly.  Also provides functions for remote PID adjustments.

Arduino_Uno - Contains core libraries for the Arduino Uno.

copter_control - Contains a small Arduino program to run four copter motors as directed wireless by copter_remote.

copter_libs - Contains libraries for the wireless radio, and the Arduino SPI and Servo libraries. Libraries in this folder are used only by copter_control and copter_remote. Aero_Quad_X and Aero_Remote libraries are found in Aero_Quad_X/libraries.

copter_remote - Contains as small Arduino program to read Serial commands from a computer and send motor commands to a quadcopter running copter_control.