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Lec01 Data Manipulation with dplyr
Lec02 More dplyr
Lec03 Loading CSVs and dplyr joins
Lec04 Grammar of Graphics
Lec05 More ggplot2
Lec06 Finishing ggplot2
Lec07 Tidy Data with tidyr
Lec08 Shiny
Lec09 Shiny Continued
Lec10 Categorical variables with forcats
Lec11 Logistic Regression for Prediction
Lec12 More Logistic Regression
Lec13 Dates & Times with lubridate
Lec14 More Dates & Times
Lec15 Spatial Data in R
Lec16 Loading Shapefiles into R
Lec17 Shiny Server
Lec18 Leaflet Package
Lec19 String Manipulation
Lec20 Twitter Data
Lec21 tm Package


Lecture Topics

The course webpage (including syllabus, setup instructions, and annoucements) can be found here.