Baby's first Kaggle competition and GitHub pull request
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Problem Set 01


Baby's first Kaggle competition and GitHub pull request! Specifically the Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster competition. You will be submitting predictions on who survived/died amongst the passengers randomly assigned to the test set and viewing your Kaggle leaderboard score.

  • Assigned: Thu 9/7
  • Due: Mon 9/11 9:00am
  • Teams: Individual
  • Deliverables: A ready to submit pull request to the PS01 repo, in other words complete only steps 1-5 of the problem set submission process. However, you will all be submitting/making the pull request (step 6) at the same time as a group in lecture. The following files should be modified/added from the original
    1. PS01.Rmd: This should be well-commented and completely reproducible. In other words, if someone else takes this repo, they should be able to reproduce your work with one click of the mouse. This necessitates taking an empathetic view of other users.
    2. PS01.html: The output of PS01.Rmd
    3. submission.csv: Your predictions of who survives based on something other than sex. Current set to match gender_submissions.csv on Kaggle.
    4. screen_shot.png or screen_shot.jpg: A screenshot of your Kaggle ranking. Be sure to "clean" your browsers.
    5. Any other necessary files.
  • Tips:
    • This problem set is only about getting used to the process, not about anything substantive.
    • You don't have to fit actual model for now, but feel free to if you want. Don't even worry about how good your predictions are, just focus on getting a score.
    • Do not spin your wheels! If you are stuck, take a breather, and consult others.