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Setting Up the Weekly Problems Repository

To complete the Weekly Problems, you will fork, clone, and commit and push changes to a remote GitHub repository. Follow the steps below exactly to set up your Weekly Problems repository correctly.

  1. While logged into your GitHub account in your web browser, point your browser to and click the Fork button. You will then see that you have forked the Weekly Problems repository from 2018-summer-apis/weekly-problems into your own GitHub account.

  2. Once you have forked your own copy of the repository, go to your command line and change to whichever directory that you’ve decided you will keep all of your different Git repositories for this class. Clone your copy of the repo to your computer by clicking the Clone or download button on GitHub, and copying either the SSH or HTTPS clone address for easy pasting to your command line.

    If you choose SSH (preferable), you must have set up your private/public key pair with GitHub. Documentation for doing that is here:

    You’ll then be able to clone this way, using your actual GitHub username where this example says USERNAME:

    $ git clone

If you choose HTTPS, you’ll be able to clone this way, using your actual GitHub username where this example says USERNAME:

$ git clone
  1. You can now change directories into weekly-problems and then the setup directory, where you should now have this file,, on your local computer. Open the file in your editor, and write below the URL to your fork of the GitHub repository, and the add and commit:

    My Weekly Problems repository URL:

  2. Next, push your commit to GitHub. Run git push origin master from your command line.

  3. Next, and most crucially, you need to add the instructor’s repository as a second remote. From your command line and within the weekly-problems directory, run the command:

    $ git remote add instructor

    Once you have done that, you can run the command git remote -v and it should list two remotes, one called origin and one called instructor.

    To access future Weekly Problems, you will change into your weekly-problems directory and run:

    $ git pull instructor master

  4. Finally, verify that the instructor can see your fork of the repository by going to and checking to see that your GitHub username is listed there.