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PHP-Correct-Indenting VIM script

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This is the official PHP indentation plug-in for VIm (version 1.39 is bundled with VIm 7.4).

Please, visit the homepage of the PHP indentation script to see all the details about its features and capabilities.


just type :help php-indent inside VIm.



  1. Install and configure the Vundle plug-in manager, follow the instructions here
  2. Add the following line to your .vimrc:

     Bundle '2072/PHP-Indenting-for-VIm'
  3. Source your .vimrc with :so % or otherwise reload your VIm
  4. Run the :BundleInstall command


  1. Install the pathogen.vim plug-in, follow the instructions here
  2. Clone the repository under your ~/.vim/bundle/ directory:

     cd ~/.vim/bundle
     git clone
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