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20Scoops CNX

20Scoops CNX Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 to develop, create, and provide various IT solutions.


  1. solidity-utils solidity-utils Public

    string, integer and list integer utils for solidity

    Solidity 8 3

  2. encrypt-pdf-python encrypt-pdf-python Public

    Encrypt file PDF with Python API

    Python 5

  3. csv-to-string-xml-android csv-to-string-xml-android Public

    convert file csv to format file string.xml android

    Python 10 10

  4. face-detection-python face-detection-python Public

    demo face detection with raspberry-pi


  5. upload-image-service upload-image-service Public

    Forked from jedsada-gh/upload-image-service

    Go 1 1

  6. react-craftform react-craftform Public

    Forked from Elecweb/react-craftform

    React form with full customizable and extensible. This library help you create form with your own style.



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