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After a brutally painful experience administered by both shipping and clearing agents in UK and Dar-Es-Salaam, I decided to model a solution. It starts where the problem starts.
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After a brutally painful experience trying to ship a vehicle to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. I decided to throw a web solution at the problems I faced. I hope this will help the shipping agents start offering a transparent service and better experience to new customers. This solution offers an alternative from where the problems starts, the agent website and I hope it's where the solution should begin.

Features (What you actually get)

  1. User Management
    • Signup and Login
    • Contact details
  2. Documents
    • User can upload their proof, vehicle docs, pictures
    • Agent can upload copies of final docs
    • Documents are related to the transaction/Vehicle
  3. Ability to Email/Phone/Text updates/notifications to customers
    • Fill-out a responsive form that guides you correctly through
    • View quote price/value immediately
    • Accept the quote online
  5. Selling cars for export
    • List available cars and where they can be shipped to, including full price quotes to the final destination port
    • Accept buyer requests for cars and trucks
    • Inline response to buyer requests
  6. Blog
  7. About us
  8. Services & Prices
  9. Contacts
  10. FAQ
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