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Get paid in bitcoin to perform a ping from your location.
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How to run and publish: ping21

Step 1

Get the latest version of the 21 software. You should be at version 2.3.5.

$ 21 update
$ 21 --version
21 v2.3.5

Step 2

Clone the ping21 repository.

$ git clone
$ cd ping21
$ sudo easy_install3 pip
$ sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Step 3

Join the 21market Marketplace, and start a local server to accept ping21 requests. The server will run in the background and process requests. You can optionally edit the file to change the default price, which is 5 Satoshis per request.

$ 21 join 21market
$ python3 -d

Step 4

Now use 21 publish to submit the manifest file describing the ping21 service you just started. You can pass in arguments to override the default values in the file. The name and email should be your own. The price field should match the price in the @payment.required decorator in The host of 'AUTO' is a special input that tells the publish command to use the IP of your bitcoin computer within the 21market Marketplace (see [here]( for details)). The port of 6002 is the default port specified within the code that you are running.

$ 21 publish submit manifest.yaml -p 'name="Joe Smith" email="" price="5" host="AUTO" port="6002"'

Step 5

After a brief wait of a second or so, you should be able to use 21 publish list to see the endpoint you just put up:

$ 21 publish list

You can also search the 21 Marketplace for your app:

$ 21 search "ping21"

Step 6

You can now use bitcoin to buy that endpoint from yourself to test it out:

$ 21 buy url $HOST:$PORT/?

where $HOST is your Bitcoin Computer's IP address on the 21 Marketplace and $PORT is the port the web service is running on.

Step 7

And you can see a receipt for this transaction:

$ 21 log
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