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21: Build the Machine-Payable Web Build Status

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21 is an open source Python library and command line interface for quickly building machine-payable web services. It allows you to accomplish three major tasks:

  • Get bitcoin on any device
  • Add bitcoin micropayments to any Django or Flask app
  • Earn bitcoin on every HTTP request

The package includes:

  • an HD wallet to securely manage your bitcoin
  • crypto and bitcoin libraries to build bitcoin/blockchain applications
  • a micropayment-channels client and server
  • commands for mining, buying, and earning bitcoin, as well as requesting it from the 21 faucet
  • tools for publishing machine-payable endpoints to the 21 Marketplace
  • containers that allow your machine to sell machine resources for bitcoin

and much more.


Please note that the 21 software is in beta. To protect the security of your systems while using 21, we highly recommend you install the software on a device other than your main laptop (e.g. 21 Bitcoin Computer, an old laptop, or an Amazon Virtual Machine) while the product is still in beta. You can read more security-related information here. Please send an email to regarding any issue concerning security.


Create an account or install the library and CLI (python3.4+ is required):

$ curl | sh

two1 can also be installed via pip:

$ sudo pip3 install two1

Start with the command line tool:

$ 21 help

Then read the Introduction to 21 guide and the two1 documentation.


To edit and run the two1 source code:

$ git clone
$ cd two1-python/
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt  # Install the requirements
$ pip3 install -e .  # Install 21 as an editable python library

Your changes to the source will now be reflected in your system installation in real-time.


You can pull Docker images with two1 pre-installed from the 21 Docker Hub repository.

$ docker pull 21dotco/two1

Then run the latest base image:

$ docker run -it 21dotco/two1 sh


Join the 21 developer community to chat with other users or to get in touch with support.


two1 is licensed under the FreeBSD License. See LICENSE for the full license text.


The 21 command line interface and two1 bitcoin library. Send and receive BTC over HTTP.




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