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Cute dalmatian

22a's dotfiles

aka. Spooky Lizard Incantation Configuration

This repo contains configuration files for neovim, zsh, tmux, iTerm2, and a script to bootstrap a new machine to create an adequately useful development environment.

⚠ Warnings ⚠

The bootstrap script has been written with a fresh install in mind, it assumes a blank canvas. It will forcibly symlink over your dotfiles if you let it.


Install system specific build tools homebrew will need:

# macOS, this opens gui dialogs, click accept, etc.
xcode-select --install

# ~unix
sudo apt-get install build-essential

Clone this repo:

git clone; cd dotfiles;

Run the bootstrap script:

# this will install brew as a first step, the following steps depend on the
# packages from brew so you'll need to make sure `brew` is on $PATH after the
# brew install completes. it's safe to re-run `./ --all` after,
# it'll pick up where it left off

./ --all

Post-install configuration

Relaunch your terminal, it'll load the zim packages.

Open nvim and install treesitter grammars, debugging adapters, and lanugage servers:

" eg. LspInstall tsserver ember tailwindcss cssls html jsonls bashls lua_ls

Things you'll have to set up manually

  • Generate a new ssh key
    ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""
  • Update the remote for this repo so we can push changes
    git remote set-url origin
  • Import gpg key to gpg-suite
  • Populate ~/.gituser file
      email =
      name = Peter Meehan
    where signingkey is the fingerprint for your gpg key, visible under gpg --list-keys

macOS specific manual setup steps

  • Remove guest user
  • Set up the default iTerm2 profile with a new colorscheme
  • Disable spotlight keyboard shortcuts
    System Preferences... -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Spotlight -> Untick both
  • Configure Alfred with the Alfred macOS theme