A library for building dynamic, client-side interfaces with Liquid Markup
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Evented Liquid is designed to build on top of an existing JavaScript implementation of Liquid markup to allow a) template re-rendering upon custom events and b) consolidated control of the state of the UI display.

Generally, the library implements three feature on top of existing Liquid functionality:

  • {% event 'play', 'pause' %} ... {% endevent ‰} to denote part of the template in need of re-rendering whenever custom events such as play or pause occur.
  • A light library to define and listen to such customer events: .fire(event, [context]) to trigger and event and .on(event, callback) to listen to events.
  • A global context hash (JavaScript object) mixing in properties to keep the state of display current.

A Liquid template

<h3>What on?</h3>
{% event 'play', 'pause' %}
  {% if context.playing > 18 %}
    It's on
  {% else %}
    It's off
  {% endif %}
{% endevent %}

Some JavaScript code to go with it

var el = new EventedLiquid(template, {playing:false, buffering:false, playlist:true});
el.on('play', function(ev,context){
el.on('pause', function(ev,context){