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module Main
import Data.Either
import Test.HUnit
import ERP
-- Helpers.
makeListOfTests :: (Eq a, Show a) => [a] -> [a] -> [Test]
makeListOfTests actual expected =
if length actual == length expected
then zipWith (~?=) actual expected
else error "makeListOfTests: both lists should be the same length!"
-- Constraint solver tests.
constraintsActual :: [String]
constraintsActual = map (either id showConstraintSet . unify) allTests
allTests =
[(STBase "X", STInt),(STBase "Y", STFun (STBase "X") (STBase "X"))],
[(STFun STInt STInt, STFun (STBase "X") (STBase "Y"))],
[(STInt, STFun (STInt) (STBase "Y"))],
[(STBase "Y", STFun STInt (STBase "Y"))],
[(STFun (STBase "x_0") (STBase "x_0"), STFun (STBase "x_1") STInt)],
[(STFun (STBase "x_0") (STBase "x_0"), STFun STInt (STBase "x_1"))],
constraintsExpected :: [String]
constraintsExpected =
"{(Y = int -> int), (X = int)}",
"{(Y = int), (X = int)}",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"{(x_1 = int), (x_0 = x_1)}",
"{(x_1 = int), (x_0 = int)}",
"Unsolvable constraints"
constraintsTests :: [Test]
constraintsTests = makeListOfTests constraintsActual constraintsExpected
-- Shared test data for inference and evaluation tests.
astTests :: [AST]
astTests = [
(app (lambda (var "x") (var "x")) (int 1)),
(lambda (var "x") (var "x")),
(lambda (var "x") (plus (var "x") (var "x"))),
(plus (str "abc") (int 2)),
(lambda (var "y")
(lambda (var "x") (plus (var "y") (var "x")))),
(lambda (var "x") (str "abc")),
(lambda (var "y") (lambda (var "x") (str "abc"))),
(lambda (var "a") (lambda (var "z")
(lambda (var "y") (lambda (var "x") (int 42))))),
(lambda (var "x") (concatStr (var "x") (var "x"))),
(let_ [("f", (int 1)), ("f", (int 2))]
(plus (var "f") (var "f"))),
(let_ [("f", (lambda (var "x") (var "x")))]
(tuple [(app (var "f") (str "abc")),
(app (var "f") (str "abc"))])),
(let_ [("f", (lambda (var "x") (var "x")))]
(tuple [(app (var "f") (str "abc")),
(app (var "f") (int 1))])),
(builtinApp "plus" [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)]),
(app (var "fst") (tuple [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)])),
(app (var "fst") (tuple [(int 1), (int 2)])),
(app (var "snd") (tuple [(int 1), (str "2")])),
(tuple [(app (var "snd")
(tuple [(int 7), (str "8")])),
(app (var "fst")
(tuple [(bool True), (bool False)]))]),
(let_ [("f", (lambda (var "x") (var "x")))]
(tuple [(app (var "f") (int 1)),
(app (var "f") (bool True))])),
(tuple [(length_ (list [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)])),
(length_ (list [(str "abc")]))]),
(snd_ (tuple [(var "x"), (int 1)])),
(let_ [("t", (tuple [(bool True), (str "aaa")]))]
(tuple [(snd_ (var "t")), (fst_ (var "t"))])),
(tuple [(int 6), (str "abc")]),
(tuple [(lambda (var "x") (var "x")), (str "abc")]),
(list [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)]),
(list [(int 1), (int 2), (str "abc")]),
(concatStr (str "answer: ")
(intToStr (plus (int 35) (int 7)))),
(let_ [("f", (lambda (var "x") (var "x")))]
(app (var "f") (int 1))),
(builtinApp "plus" [(int 1), (int 2)]),
(let_ [("f", (app (builtin "plus") (int 1)))] (app (var "f") (int 22))),
(app (lambda (var "x") (snd_ (var "x"))) (tuple [(int 1), (bool False)])),
(map_ (lambda (var "x") (plus (var "x") (int 64))) (list [(int 1), (int 2)])),
(filter_ (app (var "strEq") (str "abc"))
(list [(str "abc"), (str "def"), (str "abc")])),
(reduce (lambda (var "x") (lambda (var "y") (plus (var "x") (var "y"))))
(int 0) (list [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)])),
(reduce (var "plus") (int 993) (list [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)])),
(app (app (lambda (var "x") (lambda (var "y")
(plus (var "x") (var "y")))) (int 1)) (int 2)),
(boolEq (bool True) (app (lambda (var "x") (var "x")) (bool True))),
(intEq (int 23) (int 23)),
(strEq (str "abc") (str "abc")),
(var "id"),
(map_ (var "id") (list [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)])),
(ifThenElse (bool True) (str "abc") (str "bcd")),
(ifThenElse (str "abc") (str "abc") (str "bcd")),
(ifThenElse (strEq (str "abc") (str "bcd")) (bool True) (int 1)),
(ifThenElse (strEq (str "abc") (str "bcd"))
(bool True) (app (var "id") (bool False))),
(concatMap_ (lambda (var "x") (list [(var "x")]))
(list [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)])),
(concatMap_ (var "id") (list [(int 1), (int 2), (int 3)])),
(query [("o", "owners"), ("a", "accounts")]
[(intEq (snd_ (var "o")) (fst_ (var "a")))]
[(fst_ (var "o")), (snd_ (var "a"))]),
(reduce (var "plus") (int 0)
(query [("a", "accounts")] [] [(snd_ (var "a"))]))
-- Type inference tests.
inferenceActual :: [String]
inferenceActual = map (either id showType . typecheck) astTests
inferenceExpected :: [String]
inferenceExpected =
"x_0 -> x_0",
"int -> int",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"int -> int -> int",
"x_0 -> string",
"x_0 -> x_1 -> string",
"x_0 -> x_1 -> x_2 -> x_3 -> int",
"string -> string",
"Conflicting definitions in let-expression!",
"(string, string)",
"(string, int)",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"(string, bool)",
"(int, bool)",
"(int, int)",
"Unknown variable 'x'!",
"(string, bool)",
"(int, string)",
"(x_0 -> x_0, string)",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"a -> a",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"Unsolvable constraints",
"[(string, int)]",
inferenceTests :: [Test]
inferenceTests = makeListOfTests inferenceActual inferenceExpected
-- Evaluator tests.
evaluationActual :: [String]
evaluationActual = map (either id showValue . interpret) astTests
evaluationExpected :: [String]
evaluationExpected =
"(\\x -> AVar \"x\")",
"(\\x -> AApp (AApp (ABuiltin \"plus\") (AVar \"x\")) (AVar \"x\"))",
"The value is not an integer!",
"(\\y -> AAbs (AVar \"x\") (AApp (AApp (ABuiltin \"plus\") (AVar \"y\")) (AVar \"x\")))",
"(\\x -> AStr \"abc\")",
"(\\y -> AAbs (AVar \"x\") (AStr \"abc\"))",
"(\\a -> AAbs (AVar \"z\") (AAbs (AVar \"y\") (AAbs (AVar \"x\") (AInt 42))))",
"(\\x -> AApp (AApp (ABuiltin \"concatStr\") (AVar \"x\")) (AVar \"x\"))",
"Conflicting definitions in let-expression!",
"(\"abc\", \"abc\")",
"(\"abc\", 1)",
"Can't perform application!",
"The tuple must have 2 elements!",
"(\"8\", True)",
"(1, True)",
"(3, 1)",
"Variable 'x' not found in the environment!",
"(\"aaa\", True)",
"(6, \"abc\")",
"((\\x -> AVar \"x\"), \"abc\")",
"[1, 2, 3]",
"Heterogeneous lists are not allowed!",
"\"answer: 42\"",
"[65, 66]",
"[\"abc\", \"abc\"]",
"(built-in function \"id\")",
"[1, 2, 3]",
"The value is not a boolean!",
"[1, 2, 3]",
"The value is not a list!",
"[(\"name1\", 23), (\"name2\", 56), (\"name3\", 100)]",
evaluationTests :: [Test]
evaluationTests = makeListOfTests evaluationActual evaluationExpected
-- Entry point.
main :: IO ()
main = runTestTT allTests >> return ()
allTests = TestList (constraintsTests ++
inferenceTests ++ evaluationTests)