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* Generate haddock docs for all libraries in the platform - look at Mark's
message ( ).
* Run ghc-pkg recache after installation.
* Write a script that automates things like downloading GHC/installing packages,
so that the installer can be built by someone who isn't me.
* Add an Express install type
* Add "Install only for the current user"
* WinGHCi should work even if GHC's location is not in the registry
* Add a way of choosing between WinGHCi and GHCi for .hs associations
* Should we really use HKCR for file associations?
* Ensure that several versions of the Haskell Platform can coexist.
* Ensure that we play nice with WinHugs's installer and the like. Use an "Open
with GHCi" context menu instead of associating .hs/.lhs with GHCi. Write a
clear specification that describes what we do to system settings, place it on
the wiki, and link to it from the download page/release notes.
* Look through Claus's message/links again and write down things that I forgot;
maybe file some tickets.
* Branding: it would be nice to have different icons for .hs and .lhs files.
* Look at Sigbjorn's BAMSE work.
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