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@@ -3,10 +3,11 @@ Windows installer for the Haskell Platform.
How to make an installer
-0. Install the prerequisites: ActivePerl, Python, MSYS and NSIS.
+0. Install the prerequisites: Python, MSYS and NSIS.
Install GHC.
Make sure that you have the special build of NSIS with large strings support.
Add $GHCDIR/mingw/bin to PATH.
+ Add $GHCDIR/perl to PATH.
1. Manually install cabal-install's dependencies: zlib, transformers,
mtl, text, parsec, network, HTTP, random (in this order). Make sure
@@ -64,10 +65,10 @@ $GHCDIR/{lib/extralibs/bin,lib/extralibs}.
12. Copy $THISDIR/icons/*.ico to $THISDIR/files/icons
-13. files inst.dat uninst.dat
+13. $ files inst.dat uninst.dat
14. Build the installer (right-click Nsisfile.nsi -> Compile NSIS Script).
-15. Test the installer.
+15. Test the installer (see the 'test' dir).
I usually check that regex-posix and glut work.

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