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Windows installer for the Haskell Platform (old repo).
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Windows installer for the Haskell Platform.

How to make an installer

0. Install the prerequisites: ActivePerl, Python, MSYS and NSIS.
   Install GHC.
   Make sure that you have the special build of NSIS with large strings support.
   Add $GHCDIR/mingw/bin to PATH.

1. Manually install cabal-install's dependencies: zlib, transformers,
   mtl, text, parsec, network, HTTP, random (in this order). Make sure
   to use appropriate versions (see haskell-platform.cabal).

   To install libraries manually: 
   	 $ wget http://...$PACKAGE.tar.gz
         $ tar xzf $PACKAGE.tar.gz
	 $ cd $PACKAGE

2. Manually install cabal-install:
   	 $ wget http://...cabal-install-$VERSION.tar.gz
         $ tar xzf cabal-install-$VERSION.tar.gz
         $ cd cabal-install-$VERSION
         $ runghc Setup.hs configure
	 $ runghc Setup.hs build
 	 $ runghc Setup.hs install

3. $ cabal update

4. $ git clone
   $ cd haskell-platform
   $ git checkout pre-release

5. Make sure that you have 'library-profiling' set to True, 'user-install' set to
   False and 'documentation' set to True in $APPDATA/cabal/config.

   Make sure that you have glut.h and libglut32.a in $GHCDIR/mingw/{include/GL,lib} 
   (can be copied from the previous Platform files).
   In the haskell-platform directory:
   $ cabal install
   $ cabal install alex-$ALEX_VERSION happy-$HAPPY_VERSION

6. Move all stuff from $PROGRAMFILES/Haskell/{bin,lib} to

7. Run (editing it beforehand to fix the paths).
   Run ghc-pkg recache.
   Run 'ghc-pkg check' to check that recaching caused no problems.

8. Go to $GHCDIR/doc/html/libraries and run $THISDIR/

9. Copy the contents of $GHCDIR to $THISDIR/files & uninstall GHC.

   Don't forget to remove unins000.dat and unins000.exe from $THISDIR/files.

10. Build winghci & put it into $THISDIR/files/winghci.

    Don't forget the runtime library (depends on the Visual Studio version:
    e.g. for MSVC 9 it's msvcr900.dll, can be checked with dependency walker).

11. Update GHC_VERSION and PLATFORM_VERSION variables in Nsisfile.nsi.

12. Copy $THISDIR/icons/*.ico to $THISDIR/files/icons

13. files inst.dat uninst.dat

14. Build the installer (right-click Nsisfile.nsi -> Compile NSIS Script).

15. Test the installer.

    I usually check that regex-posix and glut work.
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