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= Timeline =
T-8 weeks
* e-mail lists & package maintainers:
- announcing timeline for release
- requesting package maintainers to suggest stable version for platform
- list open issues for list and committee to resolve
- solicit new issues
T-6 weeks
* publish trial version list
* triage trac list
* establish open issues (closing call for new ones)
T-4 weeks
* rc1 of installers
T-2 weeks
* rc2 of installers
* last call on open issues w/suggested closings
T-1 weeks
* rc3 of installers if needed
* release!
= Process =
[] Start a NOTES file for the release
[] archive changelog.markdown to changelog-xxxx.markdown
[] reset changelog.markdown for new versions
[] Update package versions
* Libraries shipped with GHC.
from an expanded GHC source package
find . -name tests -prune -type f -o -name '*.cabal'
| xargs grep -i version: | grep -v -i cabal-version
[] update haskell-platform.cabal
* External libraries to latest stable version
* set up to build macos, and run
make rewrap
* copy over haskell-platform.cabal to an empty directory
* remove all the version constraints on non-GHC packages
* uncomment all the version constraints on the GHC packages
* set as appropriate:
* run
PATH=$DIST/bin:$PATH cabal instal \
--only-dependencies --upgrade-dependencies\
--package-db=$DIST/package.conf.d --dry-run
* this will solve for a consistent set of versions!
[] update haskell-platform.cabal
* check and follow up on changes to visible packages.
* check unix package builds
* update with version number
* update required GHC version
* update README w/GHC version
* bump version number in .cabal file
# put up .cabal file
# check clean room builds
# check windows installer
# check mac installer
- update content on
# push web page with new urls.
# publish reddit links with CDN.
* in the future
* the .cabal file should spec the GHC packages (rather than commented out)
but these should be under a "manual" flag to allow use with non-HP GHC's
= Site =
[] Edit info in upper-right of index.html
[] Update release schedule for current and next release on wiki:
[] add a new section to prior.markdown for previously current release
[] move the download links there
[] on
[] create /var/www/platform/download/<version>
[] copy installers there
[] create md5sum.txt:
md5sum [hH]* > md5sum.txt
[] update windows.markdown, mac.markdown, and linux.markdown
[] update the download link
[] update the number of the release
[] for linux, update the link to GHC binary download page
[] update the GHC version and info on contents.markdown
[] make the doc
[] install the platform on a machine
[] cd /Library/Haskell/doc
[] tar czvLf ~/hp-doc-<ver>.tgz *
[] untar that somewhere and clean it up:
[] find packages -name 'bin' -o -name 'lib' | xargs rm -rf
[] remove mac stuff from start.html
[] retar it back up
[] get that tarball onto lambda
[] update current links on lambda:
[] /var/www/platform/docs/current
[] /var/www/platform/download/current
= Locations =
* web site:
* downloads:
* on-line doc tree:
= Older Notes =
* a better format for Change List:
* clear indications for new / major update / minor update / same / dropped
* someway to include release notes from the packages themselves
* more automation for the generation of this information
(currently too much manual process)
* historical change lists should be in web site
(rather than just repo history)