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An unofficial list of papers accepted to POPL 2013.
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An unofficial list of papers accepted to POPL 2013, with hyperlinks to PDFs where possible.

Day 1


Full Abstraction for Nominal Scott Domains

  • S. Lösch
  • A. Pitts

The sequential semantics of producer effect systems.

  • R. Tate

Copatterns: programming infinite structures by observations.

  • A. Abel
  • B. Pientka
  • D. Thibodeau
  • A. Setzer

Verification & Static Analysis

Cache and I/O efficient functional algorithms.

  • G. Blelloch
  • R. Harper

On the linear ranking problem for integer linear-constraint loops. (arXiv)

  • A. Ben-Amram
  • S. Genaim

Advanced automata minimization.

  • R. Mayr
  • L. Clemente


Automating relatively complete verification of higher-order functional programs.

  • H. Unno
  • T. Terauchi
  • N. Kobayashi

Abstraction and invariance for algebraically indexed types.

  • R. Atkey
  • P. Johann
  • A. Kennedy

Static and dynamic semantics of NoSQL languages.

  • V. Benzaken
  • G. Castagna
  • K. Nguyễn
  • J. Siméon

Abstract Interpretation

Quantitative abstraction refinement.

  • P. Cerny
  • T. Henzinger
  • A. Radhakrishna

Inductive data flow graphs.

  • A. Farzan
  • Z. Kincaid
  • A. Podelski

Abstract conflict driven learning.

  • V. D'Silva
  • L. Haller
  • D. Kroening


The lambda lambda-bar calculus.

  • A. Goyet

The Geometry of Types. (arXiv)

  • U. Lago
  • B. Petit

Universal properties for impure programming languages.

  • S. Staton
  • P. Levy

Proofs & Verification

The power of parameterization in coinductive proof.

  • C. Hur
  • G. Neis
  • D. Dreyer
  • V. Vafeiadis

Meta-theory a la carte.

  • B. Delaware
  • B. Oliveira
  • T. Schrijvers

A theorem prover for Boolean BI.

  • J. Park
  • J. Seo
  • S. Park

Day 2

Concurrency & Design

Library abstraction for C/C++ concurrency.

  • M. Batty
  • M. Dodds
  • A. Gotsman

Fault tolerance via idempotence.

  • G. Ramalingam
  • K. Vaswani

Deadlock-freedom-by-design: multiparty asynchronous global programming.

  • M. Carbone
  • F. Montesi

Separation Logic

The type discipline of behavioral separation.

  • L. Caires
  • J. Seco

Views: compositional reasoning for concurrent programs.

  • T. Dinsdale-Young
  • L. Birkedal
  • P. Gardner
  • M. Parkinson
  • H. Yang

High-level separation Logic for low-level code.

  • J. Jensen
  • N. Benton
  • A. Kennedy


Quantitative relaxation of concurrent data structures.

  • T. Henzinger
  • C. Kirsch
  • H. Payer
  • A. Sezgin
  • A. Sokolova

Plan B: a buffered memory model for Java.

  • D. Demange
  • V. Laporte
  • L. Zhao
  • S. Jagannathan
  • D. Pichardie
  • J. Vitek

Logical relations for fine-grained concurrency.

  • A. Turon
  • J. Thamsborg
  • A. Ahmed
  • L. Birkedal
  • D. Dreyer


Towards fully automatic placement of security sanitizers and declassifiers.

  • B. Livshits
  • S. Chong

Linear dependent types for differential privacy.

  • M. Gaboardi
  • A. Haeberlen
  • J. Hsu
  • A. Narayan
  • B. Pierce

Fully abstract compilation to JavaScript.

  • C. Fournet
  • N. Swamy
  • J. Chen
  • P. Dagand
  • P. Strub
  • B. Livshits

Day 3

Models & Semantics

A model-learner pattern for Bayesian reasoning.

  • A. Gordon
  • M. Aizatulin
  • J. Borgstroem
  • G. Claret
  • T. Graepel
  • A. Nori
  • S. Rajamani
  • C. Russo

Hyperstream processing systems: nonstandard modeling of continuous-time signals.

  • K. Suenaga
  • H. Sekine
  • I. Hasuo

HALO: From Haskell to first-order logic through denotational semantics.

  • D. Vytiniotis
  • S. Jones
  • K. Claessen
  • D. Rosén

Synthesis & Verification

Sigma*: Symbolic Learning of Stream Filters.

  • M. Botincan
  • D. Babic

Checking NFA equivalence with bisimulations up to congruence.

  • F. Bonchi
  • D. Pous

Synthesis of biological models from mutation experiments.

  • A. Köksal
  • Y. Pu
  • S. Srivastava
  • R. Bodík
  • J. Fisher
  • N. Piterman


Sub-polyhedral scheduling using (unit-)two-variable-per-inequality polyhedra.

  • R. Upadrasta
  • A. Cohen

Optimizing data structures in high-level programs: new directions for extensible compilers based on staging.

  • T. Rompf
  • A. Sujeeth
  • N. Amin
  • K. Brown
  • V. Jovanovic
  • H. Lee
  • M. Jonalagedda
  • K. Olukotun
  • M. Odersky

Principled parsing for indentation-sensitive languages.

  • M. Adams

Analysis & Logics

The ramifications of sharing in data structures.

  • A. Hobor
  • J. Villard

Complete instantiation-based interpolation.

  • N. Totla
  • T. Wies

Automatic detection of floating-point exceptions.

  • E. Barr
  • T. Vo
  • V. Le
  • Z. Su

Subjective auxiliary state for coarse-grained concurrency.

  • R. Ley-Wild
  • A. Nanevski

PLPV 2013

Modular Type-Safety Proofs in Agda.

  • Christopher Schwaab
  • Jeremy Siek

Compiling Contextual Objects: Bringing Higher-Order Abstract Syntax to Programmers.

  • Francisco Ferreira
  • Brigitte Pientka
  • Stefan Monnier

A Static Cost Analysis for a Higher-Order Language. (arXiv)

  • Norman Danner
  • Jennifer Paykin
  • James Royer

Towards Formal Verification of TLS Network Packet Processing in C.

  • Reynald Affeldt
  • Nicolas Marti

Automated Analysis of Rule-Based Access Control Policies.

  • Clara Bertolissi
  • Worachet Uttha

Causality For Free! Parametricity Implies Causality for Functional Reactive Programs.

  • Alan Jeffrey

Temporal Logic with “Until”: Functional Reactive Programming with Processes and Concrete Process Categories.

  • Wolfgang Jeltsch
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