An example API client using Python and Django, that pulls in data from SNPedia.
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This is a Django app built on the 23andMe API and Django 1.5.4 (pull requests for newer versions appreciated), that also pulls in data from SNPedia.

Clone the repo:

git clone

Go into the directory, and setup a virtual environment with python:

cd api-example-django && virtualenv . --no-site-packages

Activate your virtualenv: source bin/activate

Install the required packages with pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Change CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, and CALLBACK_URL in apidemo/, to match your dev credentials from I changed my CALLBACK_URL to http://localhost:8000/auth/callback/ because that's where I run the local Django server.

Change SECRET_KEY to something unique.

Create the session databases:

cd apidemo && python syncdb

And finally, run the server on localhost:

python runserver