A Node.js/Express app built on 23andMe's API, checking an ACVR1B mutation for higher muscle strength.
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A Node.js/Express app built on 23andMe's API. Checks the ACVR1B gene for high muscle strength. Try it at http://knees.herokuapp.com/.


Fork and clone the repository:

git clone git@github.com:yourname/api-example-express.git

Use npm to install the latest dependencies:

cd api-example-express && npm install

Get your dev credentials at https://api.23andme.com, and modify your .env file so foreman reads them into environment variables:


Start foreman locally and go to http://localhost:5000/ to see it in action.

foreman start


I host the app on Heroku. You can, too. Just setup your Heroku credentials for Node.js and make sure you update your REDIRECT_URI on https://api.23andme.com and as a Heroku config variable to match:

heroku config:set REDIRECT_URI=http://herokuurl.com/receive_code/

Make sure the CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, and COOKIE_SECRET environment variables are set too.

heroku config:set CLIENT_ID=xxxx
heroku config:set CLIENT_SECRET=xxxx
heroku config:set COOKIE_SECRET=xxxx