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Moory Popins is a nifty widget, written in MooTools framework, that allows you to show popin (modal) windows within a web page.
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Moory Popins

Moory Popins is a nifty widget, written in MooTools framework, that allows you to show popin (modal) windows within a web page. Browsers that doesn't support CSS Transitions will utilize Javascript fading instead. Settings currently allow you to show the information in an Iframe or if you want the popin in a fixed position (follows the user when scrolling)

How to use

Javascript snippet to initialize the class:

window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    MP = new MooryPopins({
        src: "MooryPopins.html",
        iframe: false,
        fixed: true,
        onShow: function() {
        onLoad: function() {
        onClose: function() {
        onChange: function() {
            console.log("set new uri");

CSS selector to style the overlay and its siblings, eg:

ARTICLE#overlay-popin {}
ARTICLE#overlay-popin + SECTION {}


iframe:     (boolean) Show the response in an IFRAME or a DIV? | default: false (a DIV)
fixed:      (boolean) Does the popin have a fixed position? If yes, it will follow the user when scrolling | default: false
src:        (string) Path to the resource you want to display | default: "about:blank"
duration:   (integer) How long should the transitions take? In milliseconds. | default: 250
css:        (object) Some default CSS class-/id-names that are used. Change these if they're conflicting with your webpage
onShow:     Triggers callback when the user opens popin
onLoad:     Triggers callback when the request has loaded
onChange:   Triggers callback when user sets new source of the popin
onClose:    Triggers callback when the user closes popin


The following methods are availible publicly:

populate: takes string and fetches resource to display in the popin
hasTransition: returns boolean for wether the browser supports CSS Transitions or not
getPrefix: returns the browser vendor prefix

Version history

Version 1.2

* Fixed bug with position fixed/absolute. Moved the section-layer outside the overlay
* Added a private method to display objects
* Added some nicer CSS for when the popin fades in/out.

Version 1.1

* Added multiple callbacks that you can set via options; onShow, onLoad, onChange, onClose.
* Fixed some coding inconsistencies
* Made hasTransition and getPrefix publicly availible

Version 1.0

* First version

Known bugs

Known bugs that hopefully will be squashed in future releases

* None atm

Wish list

Future features I'd like to implement

* postMessage API between MooryPopins and any iframe being opened
* Please create an issue on github if you have any nifty ideas!
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