A simple MooTools class that pulls information from Twitters API
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Tweet Display

Tweet Display is a nifty widget, written in MooTools framework, that allows you to pull information via Twitters API about a certain user. Presents the tweets in a UL-list. You may template the output however you want. However, please remember that the template's HTML is looped. All data is transfered in JSON/P and is cached on the client using sessionStorage Download custom built mootools-more from http://mootools.net/more/8b71d9032491a52b5b31d4323243a5c3

How to use

Javascript snippet to initialize the class:

window.addEvent("domready", function() {
	var TD = new TweetDisplay({
		element: document.id("div#tweetdisplay"),
		username: "23critters"

HTML snippet:

<div id="tweetdisplay">

CSS selector to style the active navigation anchor, eg:

DIV#tweetdisplay {background-color: #ccc;}


element: (string||object) Reference to DOM element container. if passing a string, supply the elements' id
actions: (object) A set of "instructions" if you want to pass information from Twitter via different parsers | default: {"text":"linkify", "created_at":"formatdate"}
locale: (string) When you parse the date, define which locale you'd like to use (requires More/Locale/Locale, but is already dependency of Date.js). More information at http://mootools.net/docs/more/Locale/Date
dateformat: (string) A model over how to format the printed date, more information at http://mootools.net/docs/more/Types/Date#Date:format | default: "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
count: (integer) How many tweets to pull from Twitters API | default: 5
cachetimer: (integer) How many seconds should the cache be kept before being invalidated (nb! not purged) | default: 3600
cachekey: (string) a identifier for the cache. Good if you want to have different timers for your many TweetDisplays
template: (string) Path to the template containing the HTML | default: "TweetDisplay.html"
username: (string) Username of user from who to fetch information from | default: "23critters"


The following methods are availible publicly:

linkify: takes string and returns http://, ftp://, file:// clickable. Also @usernames and #tags
formatdate: formats date according to specification at http://mootools.net/docs/more/Types/Date#Date:format
clear_cache: clears the cache (sessionStorage)

Version history

Version 1.3

* Changed behaviour of clear_cache(). It now only removes keys from the sessionStorage that TweetDisplay has added, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused
* Added two new options for controlling the cache of TweetDisplay, cachetimer and cachekey

Version 1.2

* Changed method of the request for the HTML template to "get" instead of "post". POST issued error 405 sometimes.

Version 1.1

* Incremented version number just to force Mootools Forge to display latest commit

Version 1.0

* Added cache! Will use sessionStorage in order to cache various requests when applicable.
* Enabled parsing of nested objects. Eg, use can use {{ user.id }} in order to print the user-id
    * Please note: the option "actions" has had its keys places switched to [field_to_parse]:[method_to_call]

Version 0.9

* Added ability to format date according to chosen Locale
* Note: I will increment version number to 1.0 when I've resolved bug #1

Version 0.8

* Added the ability to send information from the JSON/P response to various methods, at this time there's only "linkify" and "formatdate"
* Added option to allow formation of dates
* Tweet texts should be linkable. URL, #tags and @usernames

Version 0.1

* First version

Known bugs

Known bugs that hopefully will be squashed in future releases

* None atm

Wish list

Future features I'd like to implement

* Please create an issue on github if you have any nifty ideas!