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23 Technologies GmbH

We make cloud native technologies viable for the industry

23 Technologies is a global first team working to bring cloud native technologies to the industry. We are actively working on Gaia-X and are committed to a data-sovereign Europe, sustainable IT solutions and open-source software development.

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23KE is an enterprise-class Kubernetes engine for industrial use cases as well as cloud service providers. Its strength is its focus on Kubernetes itself. It focuses on scalability, reliability, and self-healing of Kubernetes clusters. No bloatware with tons of features on top that only a few or no one needs and only exist for themselves. This enables 23KE to achieve a high production grade.

Based on the open source project Gardener it offers Kubernetes Clusters as a Service at scale. With a lot out-of-the-box functionalities for the daily operations routine of the Kubernetes clusters.


23REP provides an enterprise-class platform for deploying runtime extensions based on serverless and microservices for extending applications. It is built on top of Kyma and can be deployed on any existing Kubernetes cluster. It comes equipped with a lot out-of-the-box functionalities like an Istio-based service mesh, or built-in monitoring, tracing, and logging based on Grafana, Prometheus, Jaeger, Loki, and Kiali.

For 23REP, we offer bundles of services for specific domains, like data processing, high-performance computing (HPC), blockchain, or internet of things (IoT). Provided with best practices and good standard configurations, these are well prepared for productive usage.

Popular repositories

  1. In this repository, the development of the gardener extension, which deploys the flux controllers automatically to shoot clusters, takes place.

    Go 18 4

  2. Gardener Extension for Hetzner Cloud provider

    Go 8

  3. okeanos Public

    Okeanos user documentation and bug reports


  4. Gardener Extension for Use of Katacontainers in Shoot Clusters

    Go 4

  5. 23ke-charts Public archive

    Helmcharts for 23KE (Gardener)

    Go 2 2

  6. testbed-gardener Public archive

    A virtual testbed environment for Gardener

    HCL 1


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